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Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote

A Lot More than just a Duffel

Looking for a carry-on you don’t have to fuss around with? One that’s got everything you need right where you need it for ultra-quick access? One you can shove under your seat on a bus, stuff in an overhead compartment on an airplane, and wheel behind you for extra convenience? Yeah, me too! That’s why I was so excited about the Desley Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote (wow, that’s a mouthful).

Desley Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote

Desley Quilted UnderSeat Tote


If you came to this review looking for a duffel bag, you’re in luck. Yes, this has the ability to hold many things, just like a duffel bag, but it is so unique that it’s hard to classify as a duffel bag, in my opinion. But what would I call it if I had to call it something? I’d call it a Better Than a Duffel Bag Duffel Bag. Keep reading and you’ll see why.

A Convenient Telescopic Handle

What’s the use in putting wheels on a duffel bag if you can’t roll it around easily? Obviously, there was a need for a handle on this bag, but I wasn’t expecting one that can collapse into the bag when not in use. That’s a big part of what makes this bag unique. You can not only pull it along behind you, but you can collapse the handle and stuff the entire thing easily under a seat or into an overhead compartment or even into your closet for storage purposes.

Compact but Fully Stacked

Out of Bounds colors
It may look small but this little rolling bag is capable of carrying a lot more than you might think. The secret is in the packing. Since there is a place for everything, when you put everything in its place you are able to fit in more that in any typical duffel of this size. That’s because the space is used in the most optimal way.

There are multiple side pockets and front pockets, interior pockets, and a large area inside for bigger items like clothing and shoes. Some of the pockets are great for quickly accessing things because they are made with bungee-like cords that help secure items inside. Others offer added security with zippers. Some are covered with mesh to allow the items inside to breathe while others are plastic, which helps keep possible spills contained to one zone.

Decently Durable Denier

Denier polyester is stiff and rigid, which makes it great for travel bags. It holds its shape and can take a beating – for the most part. But not all denier polyester is created equally. Some are stronger than others and, thus, built for more wear and tear.

On the scale of durability, I would have to place this bag squarely in the middle. Though the company brags about its 1800 denier polyester, this type of material is really only middle-grade. The strength and durability of denier polyester is denoted by numbers ranging from about 600 up to about 2500 or even 3000. See why 1800 is somewhere in the middle in my mind? Luckily, though, the quilting used on this material gives it a little added reinforcement.

So, the short and the long of it is that you shouldn’t choose this bag if you’re planning to pull it behind you on a mountaineering or backpacking trip. Instead, stick to using it for trips on airplanes, buses, trains, and in cars, or even a walk through city streets (yes, I would be VERY tempted to pack my lunch and shoes in this thing for work purposes).

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