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What To Think About Weight And Look?

I don’t spend too much time thinking about the look of my suitcases. There is one Pierre Cardin Set that I’m in LOOOVVVE with the look of, but that’s just because it reminds me of my grandmother. I also like it because it’s a really sturdy option. Appearance and weight have to be considered when you’re picking luggage, and there are several reasons why.

Business Considerations

For those who travel for business, the weight and look of a suitcase matters quite a bit. You don’t want to be seen lugging an old gym bag around that’s full of business suits (for obvious reasons). Business luggage needs to look streamlined and organized without a whole lot of frills. Cases like the Travelpro Maxlite 2 have the refined and compact business look that’s often necessary for people who have to travel to and from work related destinations.

Too Refined and Streamlined?

That being said, if you’ve ever stood at baggage claim you’ll see a large line of black, dark blue and grey suitcases that all look refined and organized. This is why it can be difficult to see which one is yours next to the bags of 200 other people who are looking for their own luggage. While business luggage may help you look professional when you’re checking into your hotel, the professionalism can cost you extra time when you’re trying to get out of the airport.

Dark and Grey Suitcases at Baggage Claim

Out There And Easy To Spot

If you do want the convenience of being able to spot your baggage from halfway across the airport, brighter colored options are what you want. There are plenty of them available, and cases like the American Tourister At Pop in bright red might be just the “ticket”. Other options include the Rockland Melbourne hardside set which comes in tons of colors and even different textures.

Durability and Dent-ability

Another cosmetic issue to consider when you’re trying to decide what kind of luggage to get is the durability of the exterior. I don’t really care how my luggage looks if it’s sturdy and holds my things without throwing them everywhere, but my husband cares much more about aesthetics. For that reason luggage that shows dents, dings and scratches is probably not something he would be happy with.

Cases with exteriors that are more rigid but not totally solid, like the Rockland Melbourne set, are more likely to show dings and dents. Also, cases that come in lighter colors like yellows can get a lot of dirt on the exterior if they suffer a little bit of abuse. This wouldn’t bother me, but my husband wouldn’t want to use it.

Options like the US Traveler Rio Carry-On Luggage set (reviewed here) have a history of showing some markings on lighter colors. That would be a no go in my husband’s situation considering there are plenty of cases that don’t have this issue for comparable prices.

Keep It Light

Keep in mind that the things you put in your case have the potential to be heavy, so you don’t want to add even more weight due to the bag. Lighter weight options like the Delsey Luggage Helium Aero can give you hardside, polycarbonate protection while not adding too much weight to what’s already a tightly packed case.

I’m a small person and, despite my best efforts I’m not very strong. Rolling bags are great for me, but rolling bags that are too heavy to get in and out of the car are pretty much no help.

Think It Through

Overall, there’s a lot more to consider about your luggage than just whether or not it will hold your clothes. To some people, the aesthetics really matter. For a lot of employers, your appearance is a big deal, and they rely on your first impression (all the way down to your suitcase) to be a good one when you’re in the field. The weight should also be considered, especially if you’re responsible for getting it in and out of vehicles or overheads.

Lighter is better, but sturdy and reliable is paramount. Figure out what you can comfortably carry, but make sure your light case won’t “fly away” by breaking easily.

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