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Samsonite Expandable Lift Spinner Review

Smooth Travel Meets Sleek Design

While I was in school, I traveled a lot. I spent almost every weekend on a plane traveling to some far away city. I had one suitcase which was beat up, but it worked. It was a small, black case with a mesh pocket where I could put dirty clothes as well as enough room for a few days worth of outfits. It wasn’t fancy but it rolled, and kept my clothes in good order. That suitcase has gone to the big dumpster in the sky as it finally gave out in college. In the meantime, I have been on the hunt for a replacement that will last as well as the last case did. To be fair, the last one wasn’t that special or expensive. It just seemed to have staying power for one reason or another.

Samsonite Expandable Wheeled Luggage Spinner

Samsonite Lift Spinner


The “forever” strong case I had looked a lot like the Samsonite Lift Spinner Expandable Wheeled Luggage. The carry-on and its 25 inch and 29 inch brothers all have a refined exterior without a lot of bells and whistles to report. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I don’t need a suitcase that can make me coffee. I just need one that will hold up despite the fact I’m clumsy and drop things… a lot.

Smooth Moves

One thing this case has that my high school case didn’t is spinner wheels. My old suitcase had just two wheels and needed to be tilted to roll. This one can be kept upright and pushed along without requiring the owner to carry much of the weight. No matter what’s packed inside, it will roll along at the push of a fingertip.

Smooth Storage

Like the case that managed to stay with me for many years, the front of the Lift Spinner has a pocket that can hold small items like charging cables and the like. I like the idea of a front pocket because it allows me to access various items without having to unzip the whole case – lazy perhaps, but true!

Smooth Style and Color

The Lift Spinner comes in traditional black, and two other super bright colors (blue and bright red). As I get older and more impatient, I am drawn to the idea of luggage I can see across the room. While I might have liked the colors when I was younger because I thought being loud was fun, now it’s just a matter of convenience. I don’t have a lot of time to stand around trying to remember which bag is mine, and I also don’t want to worry about someone accidentally (or not so accidentally) walking off with my luggage.

Samsonite Lift Design Colors

Not So Smooth

If you over stuff this bag it will fall over! I can’t really say that that’s the bag’s fault though. In fact if I wanted to blame anything it would be science. Due to the design, heavy things need to be distributed evenly because the base isn’t wide enough to warrant “sloppy” packing. This is no “biggie” but it is worth thinking about.

Some of the cases have zipper issues, in that they fall off or lose their pulls. This seems to be a big problem with suitcases across the board, so it’s probably best to make a habit of reinforcing zippers when you get them. A simple clamp with pliers will probably be enough to close the gap.

Smooth But Bulky

This line of cases doesn’t come with a matching option that can be used as a carry on. While that doesn’t affect the usability of the larger options, if you’re looking for a set, this might not be the right choice for you. Also, at just under $200 for one suitcase, unless you’re really looking to invest in luggage, buying more than one may not be the ideal thing for most people.

Smooth and Sleek Enough If It’s All You Need

Overall, I like the sleek and refined look of the Samsonite Lift Spinner Expandable Wheeled Luggage, and I’m also a big fan of the brightly colored alternatives to black. Even though it’s much more expensive, durability shouldn’t be an issue which I know is important to a lot of people (me included).

All options:
– Samsonite Lift Spinner Carry-On (21 Inch)
– Samsonite Lift Spinner 25 Inch
– Samsonite Lift Spinner 29 Inch

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