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BLUBOON Weekender Overnight Bag

Durable and Stylish, This Duffel’s an Attention-Grabber

Wow, who knew that duffel bags could be this attractive and stylish? Seriously! Whenever I think duffel bag, I think gym bag. I think ugly, nylon, and smelling of dirty socks. But that’s certainly not the case here. This bag actually exudes an air of prestige and whimsy, somehow, both at once. Perhaps it’s the mixture of canvas, suede, and leather that does the trick. Or the rich colors it comes in – coffee, grey, dark grey, and army green; all with deep brown accents.

It’s something I can see a university professor packing papers into. Yet, at the same time, I can picture a Bohemian beauty packing it for a weekend getaway. Talk about versatility, this bag is made for anyone. Let’s take a look at its other important characteristics, though, because it isn’t all about visual appeal.

The BLUBOON Overnight Weekender Bag

BLUBOON Weekender Bag


Two Ways to Carry

Want to just grab it and go? Use the two small handles on the top to get a good, solid grip as you dash out the door with this bag in hand. Want to take your time, give your hand a break, or use your hands for something else while carrying it? Use the large strap to swing it over a shoulder or two. Detach the strap when you’re not using it and tuck it inside for safe keeping so you don’t trip over it when you’re using the small handles.

Holy Moley – It Carries A Lot

With a 52-liter capacity, this bag is capable of holding a lot of stuff. I would seriously be able to pack for an entire week using only this duffel bag. And that’s something I would actually consider doing with this bag. Though regular duffel bags are shaped with rounded bottoms which don’t allow you to lay things flat, this bag is different. Its flat bottom will let you place folded clothes inside without worrying that they’ll get all messed up and wrinkled.

The flat bottom of this bag also comes in handy if you plan on carrying books or documents inside it. Of course, I don’t suggest filling it with those things because it will probably be a little too heavy to carry. But, it’s good to know that you can safely store them at the bottom where they won’t get damaged or folded.

With A Firm Structure

Don’t want to use it to carry something simple like clothes or books? Wanna’ use it to transport your haircare products or to take food to Thanksgiving dinner? No worries. The bottom isn’t only flat, it’s also structured. Some sort of hard cardboard or something has been fitted into the bottom panel to give it a firmness you can use to your advantage!

But Wait – There’s More; There Are Pockets Galore!

Pockets inside and out help you keep organized. For me, this is a great feature. I love to carry a lot with me but hate that things get lost inside a large bag like this one. Small pockets sewn into the interior panels of this bag hold things like cell phones, chargers, wallets, keys, makeup – whatever you need to grab quickly without rooting through the rest of the bag.

Large pockets on the outside are similarly helpful, though I personally would choose to pop a snack in those pockets. I like snacks and love having them super close by and easy to grab.

But It’s NOT Waterproof… At First

Yes, some parts are made with leather and suede, which can have some waterproof qualities, but the bulk of this bag is canvas that is not waterproof. Ugh! What good is a bag that doesn’t protect your stuff, right? Oh, hang on though, because canvas has been used for tents for decades. All you have to do is buy a treatment spray that will make your canvas actually much more waterproof than a lot of the other duffel bags on today’s market.

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