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American Tourister Splash Suitcases Review

Bright Colors Make a Major Luggage Splash

I hate checking bags, and I’ll do just about anything to avoid waiting at baggage claim. I live in a family tourist destination, so waiting at baggage claim in my local airport is like wading through a sea of poorly kept together baby seats and children who are hopped up on sugar and excitement. I’m always on the lookout for a bag that will work well as a carry on while still having the ease of use of higher quality wheels and handles that tend to come on larger luggage.

Luggage Splash Upright Suitcases

American Tourister Splash


The American Tourister Luggage Splash upright suitcases offer lower cost options with some flair. Luggage Splash comes in three different colors (black, solar rose and turquoise) as well as three different sizes, (21”, 25” and 29”), and the pieces can work as an individual bag or a set.

Buy One or Buy Them All

The 21” case is the one that I was most interested in because it can work as a carry on, but I was also pretty happy about the option to get a whole set and use them together if I don’t have any choice over checking bags. The smallest size works as a carry on because it’s just under the specifications for most airlines, and at 14 inches wide, it will fit in overhead compartments.

The wheels move pretty smoothly, and there aren’t a lot of reports about them breaking or getting stuck. They work on most surfaces and don’t seem to have as much trouble on carpet as some of the other cases I’ve looked into.

You Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated… And Flexible

Splash on the insideThere are plenty of pockets to keep items separate, and there is tons of room throughout the tightly packed case for clothing, toiletries and the like. Two handles make it easier to carry the case if you’re not using the wheels or you’re trying to get it in and out of a vehicle. The extendable handle is good for people of all heights, and it would probably be more than sufficient for my 5 foot 2 inch frame as well as my husband’s 6 foot 1 inch stature. That’s a lot of flexibility!

Zip It Good

There are some units that seem to have a history of losing the zipper pulls fairly quickly. The zippers are affixed so tightly, they are very difficult to move without the pulls. Some users have suggested tightening the zippers with pliers before using it for the first time to ensure you don’t lose the pulls when you’re traveling.

Splish Splash

Overall, the smallest version of Luggage Splash should be suitable as a carry on while the bigger ones can complete the set, and be used on the off chance that you have to check a bag. I’m not too worried about aesthetics for a piece of luggage, but I would probably go with the black one just to be sure it didn’t start to look too beat up.

I will strictly stick to my aversion to checking bags, but this set would be an option if I need it. Having a complete set of sturdy luggage with usable wheels (without spending a fortune) is pretty enticing, and I think I would be likely to buy it in a crazy color if it didn’t have a history of getting marked up.

All options:
– American Tourister Splash Carry On (21 Inch)
– American Tourister Splash 25 Inch
– American Tourister Splash 29 Inch

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