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Wallybags Garment Bag Review

Suit Yourself With Wallybags

When I had to travel often with all sorts of dress clothes in tow, the most difficult part was carrying the huge garment bag that was usually bigger than I am. I may have said it before, but I’m a very short person, so the bag was always a hassle.

I tried putting my important dress clothes in a suitcase, and they always got wrinkled. Sometimes, it even looked like I slept in my clothes because they got weird wrinkles that took forever to get out with an iron. So, it was back to the dress bag!

Wallybags Extra Capacity Garment Bag with Pockets

Wallybags Garment Bag


The Wallybags Extra Capacity Garment Bag with Pockets offers an alternative to the huge garment bag I used. While this one is still large, it offers a couple of solutions that improve upon the old system. My previous garment bag used to drop hangers out of the top if they weren’t held just right. The one thing that was supposed to keep my items from wrinkling was actually causing the problem!

Wallybags Locks

Wallybags feature a special system that locks the hangers in place at the top in fact, they hold the patent for it. This means no more having to worry about clothes spewing out the top of the bag, so they arrive in the same state they were packed in.


This garment bag is portable which is helpful because I felt like the ones I’ve had in the past were not designed with this in mind. You’d think something that’s basically called a “carry bag” would be easy to carry, but that seems to be missing in a lot of cases. It’s lightweight, so you don’t have to lug something heavy over your shoulder, and it actually folds over from the top so it looks like a regular bag. Not only does it keep your stuff well-preserved, but it keeps your arms from feeling like they’re going to fall off, and I approve of both.


Wallybags Garment Bag also offers options for size, color and storage. The bag itself comes in a 40-inch size as well as an oversized 45-inch option. Considering my height taps out at 62 inches, I’m really glad this things folds over. You can pick between black and navy which are great colors because they’re likely to match other pieces you might already have.

Beyond portability and the patented lock for hangers, it also opens from the side rather than the front which, in my opinion makes life much easier when you want to get at your smart clothes.


Wallybags Garment Bag is actually made to withstand poking and prodding that comes from having hangers that stick into fabric. A lot of bags tear when they get snagged on hangers, which is why many garment bags don’t last long. The thin material only needs one good stick from a hanger to sport a nice, long tear. Wallybags are more durable and will win the fight against destructive hangers!

Everything & More

The thing I found most impressive about this garment bag is it can be used for much more than suits and dresses. In fact, there are lots of people who use it as their only real suitcase for a trip. It has extra pockets that hold toiletries and other small things, and the hanging compartment can keep just about everything on a hanger. The lock holds up to 8 hanging items however, if you’re a dab hand at packing, you could probably get more on them!

Wallybags Irritants

There are two drawbacks that make this bag a less than perfect solution despite all the space and its locking mechanism. It doesn’t have a shoulder strap to relieve your hand while it’s being carried. Although as mentioned it can be folded over, you just don’t have the added convenience of being able to carry it on your shoulder.

The other irritation is the bag doesn’t hang because there is no hanger on the outside. In essence, you can use the bag to get your items to the destination and back. If you want your clothes to hang while you’re away, I’m afraid you will have to make the effort and unpack, or use your own hanger.

Wallybags Could Be The Answer

Overall if I’m going to be traveling with a bag like this, I want one that isn’t going to tear and isn’t going to throw my possessions all over the bottom. Wallybags promise to do that, which is why the “irritants” mentioned above are not a big deal for me.

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