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Samsonite Omni PC, as Set or Single Spinner

Cover All Your Bases without Compromise

I love love love these suitcases. Did I mention that I love them? Why, though? Because they hit a lot of my main qualifiers for awesome. They are lightweight, which means that I can pack more heavy things inside without going over the weight restrictions at the airport. They have a great locking system that puts many others to shame. They come in a bunch of great colors. The smallest is small enough to be accepted as carry-on luggage on an airplane. And, the polycarbonate structure is extremely durable – perfect for when those airport people throw my bags around like hacky sacks!

Samsonite Omni PC Spinner Set

Samsonite Omni PC Set


With a HUGE Interior Pocket

I’m not even certain that it’s fair to call the interior pocket a pocket at all. I mean, it’s half the size of the entire case. Whereas the bottom portion has a convenient clip-strap to hold stuff in place like most suitcases, the “top” portion (the inside of the lid) has a full piece of mesh that goes across and is held closed with a strong zipper.

I love the amount of space in this side. For me, it would be very convenient for holding my dirty clothes or separating shoes from clothing. The mesh materials ensures that whatever you place in that side receives adequate air circulation (as best as is possible inside a closed piece of luggage).

And They Get Bigger

Tired of wanting to bring stuff home with you but not having room for it? No worries. Just expand the case to jam more stuff inside. Remember, though, since this is a hard case, the amount of stuff you’ll be able to squeeze inside will still be limited.

Super Secure Lock Guards Your Belongings

Omni lock
It’s not unheard of to have people go through your bags in an airport. And when I talk about this I don’t mean airport personnel doing their jobs at the security check. I mean people who have no right or business going through them. This is why people started putting locks on their bags to begin with.

Luckily, Samsonite believes in protecting your belongings as much as those bag-locking pioneers. They haven’t just provided you with a lock, though – they’ve provided you with a tamper-resistant lock. This thing is so heavy duty that it would take a potential thief far too long to break in; they aren’t likely to bother going to the trouble.

The special locking mechanism is located on the side of each piece and requires that you put the ends of the zipper pulls into the lock itself. Then something goes through the zipper pull holes and locks the zipper closed. It’s as simple and effective as that. To unlock it you don’t even need a key (it’s a combination lock), though there is a keyhole. The keyhole allows airport security to get inside your bags if they need to since they have a universal key they use for this.

Hooray for Polycarbonite Construction!

Poly-what? Polycarbonate! This lightweight material may seem as though it cannot possibly be strong (because it’s so light) but it most certainly is. In fact, as hardshell suitcases go, those with polycarbonate construction are actually some of the strongest! Think about carbon fiber on cars – it’s bendable and gives in if there’s an accident, but many small collisions that could dent a traditional metal car exterior or crack a plastic exterior simply bounce right off.

Or, Choose to Go Solo

You can grab the entire set from Amazon whenever you like. Don’t want an entire set? No problem. I understand and so does Samsonite. Not everyone needs three different pieces of luggage. Some people only need one or two. Or, maybe you want three (or more) but want to have them all the same size or only two sizes. Flexibility is important.

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