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Rockland Melbourne Luggage Set Review

Harder Cases Make Safer Spaces

When I was in high school, I traveled to a lot of speech and debate tournaments. Yes, I know. I was a debate kid in high school. Say what you will! While my incredibly nerdy pursuits are not really the point of the story, they are there to help illustrate.

Often, I would come home with a big trophy and have to get on an airplane. At the time, the only way I could do this was to wrap it up as safely as I could, but that was always a gamble. More than one time, I got home to find a slightly (or not so slightly) broken trophy in need of repair. I never realized I could have gotten a bag that was basically a fortress for the contents inside. I always had canvas bags that dented and punctured whenever they were tossed from a vehicle to the baggage area on the plane. I spent the whole flight home hoping my prizes wouldn’t be destroyed.

Rockland Melbourne Abs Luggage Set

Rockland Melbourne


Keep Your Contents Safe

The Rockland Melbourne 3 Piece Abs Luggage Set features three different sized pieces that all sport a harder exterior to protect the contents of the bag. Despite the added protection, they’re still lightweight. They roll easily on spinners, which mean the bags can be rolled upright without tipping them over. This would have been SO helpful when I had to check hardware when getting on the plane!

The inside features pockets galore that give you plenty of spaces to keep your stuff. You can divide it up or ignore the pockets and toss everything evenly into the spacious insides.

Hard Cases in Soft or Loud Colors

Beyond durability these cases are pretty flexible, and they come in a wide variety of colors and textures to suit any taste. The three pieces together cost less than many cases do alone, and that’s a nice change of pace from expensive hard-exterior bags. Color is more than just a fashion statement when you’re dealing with luggage however. Brightly colored or patterned suitcases are easier to spot at baggage claim, and they’re less likely to disappear because someone picked it up accidentally thinking it’s theirs.

Hard Exterior Can Still Flex

One thing to keep in mind here is these bags don’t really sport the strength they look like they have. They will keep their shape better than canvas or leather, but they won’t be able to protect everything from a really good strike or drop because the sides still flex some. For that reason, the hard-sides are helpful but aren’t going to be a lifesaver in all situations.

Hard To Keep In Good Shape

One of the largest drawbacks of the suitcases is the shiny exterior can get scratched, and the marks are not easy to remove. They can start to look worn, and because they are more formed than a lot of other cases, they can actually get dented as opposed to flexing like canvas bags do.

Hard Cases Are A Hard Choice

These may not be the perfect solution for carrying things that are fragile, but the Rockland Melbourne 3 Piece Abs Luggage Set is probably a better alternative than less structured cases that are guaranteed to buckle under ANY pressure. I think I would have had to invest in something a little sturdier for my purposes, but I’m no longer hauling shiny trophies around. The adult version of me would probably be able to use this just fine plus, I can get to enjoy the bright and shiny colors.

Rockland Melbourne Designs
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