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Beverly Hills Country Club Malibu Review

Luggage For Even The Clumsiest Among Us

It’s no exaggeration when I say I’m a clumsy person, my husband would happily testify to this. If there is something to be tripped over, even if it has been moved out of the way and has flashing lights on it, I’ll find it!

It’s entirely possible that aside from the typical beatings my luggage got while coming in and out of airports, there is a chance that many of the problems are my propensity to trip over them, slam them into door frames, overstuff them and get the wheels caught on things. What can I say, I’m a special person!

Anyway, considering I really had to think about getting a new set, it was obvious I needed to invest in luggage that can protect itself from me.

Beverly Hills Country Club Malibu Spinner Set

BH Country Club Malibu


Hard Sides For Hard Use

I went on a search for luggage that would work as a fortress against my unintentional punishment, and I found the Beverly Hills Country Club Malibu Three-Piece Hardside Spinner Set. I have had polyester and canvas bags before, and they’ve been suitable but easy (for me) to damage. The one type of bag I hadn’t looked into seriously in the past was hard side luggage.

Hard cases literally have shells that cover the entire outside of the suitcase and are pretty difficult to damage. I figured that no matter how many door frames I “introduce” a piece of luggage to, hard cases will do their best to stand the beatings!

Malibu Sizes

The Beverly Hills Country Club Malibu Three-Piece Hardside Spinner Set could be the cases that save me from myself. There are three different sizes in the set. One is small enough to work as a hard-sided carry-on, and the other two are large enough to warrant being checked when you travel on a plane.

Harder But Not Hardest

The Malibu set is a hard side option and not a hard case. What this means is it has the durability of harder shells, but it still flexes some in response to impact. Malibu has a second reinforcement however, that provides additional support against the jostling in a baggage compartment or just through normal wear and tear. Each corner is covered by a riveted shell that reinforces the most easily dented part of the suitcase and protects the integrity of the structure.

Beverly Hills Style

Malibu is available in five different colors including green, gray, magenta, navy and orange. Each set includes the same kind of cases in identical sizes, so finding a set to suit your taste shouldn’t be a problem.

For the Organizers Out There

Malibu insideOne of the things I really like about this set is the insides of the case is not just one big open cavern with a mesh pocket at the top. The top side of case features an entire organization system for your personal items so if you’re like me, you can place your things in all the right places.

Hard Yet Still Tangible

One of the frustrations with hard sided luggage is it can dent and stay that way if put it under the right amount of pressure. Canvas bags on the other hand, are able to flex a little more and regain their structure. Although these bags are a combination of textures, so there are less places to cause any damage.

Hardly Odor Free

Malibu is the unfortunate bearer of a problem that comes with many different kinds of hard-sided luggage. Luggage that’s shipped to consumers usually goes from the construction line to a plastic bag without much time to air out. The creation process usually includes dyes as well as chemicals that make it less likely to scuff.
Most of these parts have distinctive odors, and when the bags don’t have the chance to sit without the cover of a plastic bag, they keep the smell until they’re aired out. Some people say that it never comes out of the Malibu set although, for most this is a “nasal invasion” that fades over time.

Hard To Decide

I really think hard side luggage or hard case luggage is the answer for my incredibly clumsy self, but I’m not sure that hard sides are going to be enough. If there is a way to permanently dent it, I will find it.

That being said, for those of you with the time to properly air the luggage out, and don’t have a clumsy streak this could the set for you. If you think the Beverly Hills Country Club Malibu Three-Piece Hardside Spinner Set could be the set of luggage to take you all over the world or directly to Malibu, head on over to Amazon and buy it for yourself.

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