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American Tourister Pop Luggage Set Review

I Never Thought Affordable Luggage Could Be So High Tech!

Rolling luggage is pretty much the standard now, and I didn’t know you could advance upon the idea of wheels which save us the trouble of carrying our bags. I think it’s a great idea, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, suitcases are designed so we don’t have to be responsible for carrying the heavy stuff we buy when we’re on vacation. For me, it was already the ultimate in convenience so I didn’t think you could make it even more so. How wrong I was!

American Tourister Luggage Set- Three Sizes For Travel

American Tourister AT Pop


Spin Without Getting Dizzy

Sorry to go on about wheels on suitcases but I thought there was little in the way of advanced technology anyone could expect beyond this. It used to just be 2 wheels that moved back and forth. Now, suitcases have 4 wheels that move in every direction.
The American Tourister Luggage AT Pop Three-Piece Spinner Set has “spinners” that make it so you don’t even have to tip the case toward you in order to drag it. No, it comfortably sits next to you and rolls along as you move. Tipping not required!

I’m not sure why this is so mind boggling to me but for some reason it is. I have seen these used in airports before, and the spinner wheels look incredibly easy to use. Even though I feel like it taps into the ultimate in laziness, it’s not by any means a bad thing especially when you’re travelling “heavy”!


AT Pop comes in a three piece set that includes rolling suitcases in 21-inch, 25-inch and 29-inch sizes. The smallest can be used as a carry-on for an airplane while the other ones will have to be checked.

They are not supposed to be super reinforced, so they may not be the right cases for storing fragile items that could be destroyed if the suitcase does not entirely hold its integrity. That being said however, if you want to use them primarily for clothes or shoes, there shouldn’t be a problem with a little bit of flexibility on the outside.

AT Pop are lightweight and they come in six different colors. You can pick between aqua, charcoal, navy, black, red and purple. They are lightweight, so they don’t add a huge amount of extra weight to what you have to carry.

Tipping: It Could Be a Problem!

The biggest complaint seems to be that the weight of the cases presents issues when you’re trying to load it up with heavier things that need to be transported. While they seem to stand up pretty well on their own, heavy items at the base will be more likely to tip them over.

While things like that often happened with the old style of wheels, people use the newer style to keep them upright all the time. This means that if you take your hand off, it can fall over without much warning.

Zippers Aren’t Supposed To Spin Or Twist

Similar to a lot of other cases in this price range, the zippers seem to be a problem that receives a lot of complaints. You can always get a paperclip and slip it in like a zipper pull or you can just tighten the clips when you get the cases so it doesn’t happen. Either way, it’s a manageable problem, but a major irritation when you buy brand new suitcases.

Spinning On A Dime

Despite the zipper drawback this set of three suitcases are a reasonably priced alternative to more expensive individual cases that may not have more staying power. In my opinion, they’re probably better for people who travel casually and don’t regularly need a suitcase to get on and off of planes.

For car trips where the luggage won’t take a huge hit or occasional plane trips, I think I would be able to find everything I need in this compact yet useful collection. If you’re on the same page and don’t plan to jet set across the world with lots of heavy items, scoot on over to Amazon and buy a set for yourself.

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