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Samsonite Aspire-Xlite Review

It Really Does Aspire to be Great

It kind of misses the mark in a few of my own favorite areas, but this suitcase truly does aim for greatness. It has an awesome interior organization, comes in a variety of appealing colors, has four 360-spin wheels, and offers a few other great features. Where it misses the mark is its lack of a locking system (something Samsonite has actually come to be known for) and the fact that it doesn’t expand in the way you would think it should.

Samsonite Aspire-Xlite Softside Spinner

Samsonite Aspire-Xlite


Talk About Protection AND Organization

More and more companies are starting to realize that a suitcase needs to be more than just a depository for your belongings while you’re on vacation or a business trip. They’re beginning to see the importance of organization. They’ve begun adding little pockets inside and out. The norm now is to put in one large mesh interior pocket. That’s great if you don’t travel with anything that has a possibility of leaking. I’m not one of those people.

I love this case, though, because it not only has one pocket, it has multiple. AND one of those pockets is plastic and waterproof. Finally, somewhere to put my shampoo, contact lens solution, and hair styling products without worrying that it’ll pop open and destroy every piece of clothing I’ve brought on my vacation. Yes, this has happened. I have spent hours bent over a bathtub trying to clean my clothes upon reaching my hotel. I’ve even spent hundred of dollars replacing the clothes I just couldn’t get clean.

Two large pockets are sewn onto the front of this case as well. The small one at the top is perfect for your quick-grab items like your wallet, passport, and cell phone. The large one is where I love to shove an extra pair of shoes. Whether its work shoes, flip-flops, or runners – you can easily pack a pair of shoes in the large bottom pocket. You just might need to unzip the expansion part to allow your shoes to fit. Yes, it is expandable like it advertises, but really only just the front section and not the main interior portion.

You Spin Me Right Round

At least you can spin this suitcase right round. Four wheels adorn its bottom, each with 360-degree swivel ability. When it is standing upright on all fours you can easily spin it in any direction you desire. This makes it easy to push in front of you if need be, and it can also be quite entertaining when you are bored waiting in line for something.

I love that the four wheels allow you to push your luggage in front of you with ease. Sometimes I’m already pulling something behind me and need to push another in front of me; that’s hard to do with a two-wheeled suitcase.

Perfect for Those Quick Getaways

Gotta’ run out for a quick business trip? Have to stay overnight in the hospital or at a family member’s house? Spending the weekend with your in-laws? This 25-inch tall suitcase is just what you need. Forget about trying to keep things organized and unwrinkled in a duffel bag, and don’t bother bringing that oversized suitcase you bought for your family vacations – grab this one instead.

But There Are Other Sizes, Too

Don’t feel confined to this one 25-inch tall option, though. You can also purchase a smaller 21.5-inch carry-on case or a larger 29-inch tall family-sized case. I mean, if you love the plastic interior pocket as much as I do you just might be inclined to create an entire set for yourself!

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