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Merax 5-Piece Luggage Set Review

It’s Hard to Go Wrong with a Flexible 5-Piece Set

Taking the whole family on vacation? Use all five pieces. Running out for a quick business trip? Take a carry-on and a small suitcase. Couple’s weekend getaway? Take a couple of cases and maybe a duffel if you plan on bringing home some souvenirs. With a total of five pieces, this set can be configured in any way necessary to accommodate your needs.

Personally, that’s what I love about it most. You can actually just use whichever pieces you need. You don’t have to try to figure out how to make the pieces work for you – like you do with small 3-piece sets. I can’t tell you how many times I found that 3 pieces weren’t enough and took to carrying extra things in my purse and gym bag when going on a family vacation (yeah, I had an annoying 3-piece set before). And sometimes you just need one large suitcase and a duffel or two mid-sized cases. This set works with nearly any combination of needs.

Merax 5-Piece Luggage Set

Merax 5-Piece Luggage Set


OK, so what’s included? A large suitcase (29″x18″x12″), a mid-sized suitcase (25″x16″x11″), a small carry-on suitcase (21″x14″x10″), a large duffel (18″x11″x10″), and a small duffel (15″x11″x5″).

Wheels and Heels

I boast a lot about the suitcases on this page that have four wheels. This is because I often choose to stack my luggage and push it around on those wheels instead of pulling it behind me. But everything has its good points and bad points. Though you may have a difficult time stacking one piece of this set on top of another while you’re transporting it, you will be able to stand still without worrying that it’ll roll away on you.

There are two plastic/rubber feet attached to the bottom which hold it steady whenever you have it at a complete stop. These feet sit opposite the two wheels that allow you to roll it behind you. Rolling any of these cases in front of you will prove difficult, though, because they do not have wheels with 360-degree swivel.

One Annoying Thing…

It’s with great sadness that I report that I was unable to find much information about these pieces. The Merax website itself doesn’t even list them and simply redirects me back to Amazon whenever I want to find more details about other products. So, here we are with the limited information that they provided on the Amazon listing. That bothers me because I’m the type of person who loves to fully research anything I buy and, certainly, anything I recommend to anyone else.

Thankfully, I was able to track down some important information by reading through the actual consumer reviews on the Amazon page. You could do this yourself for extra information, but let me save you some time by including the most important points here in this review.

Sturdy Is the Word of the Day

Consumers seem very impressed with how sturdy these suitcases are. Even the duffel bags are apparently made of thick enough material that people believe their belongings are safely stored inside. It may sound like a no-brainer – that all luggage should be made sturdy and strong – but that simply isn’t the case a lot of the time.

People find that, thanks to some sort of interior reinforcement, these cases are strong enough to transport delicate and damageable items like computers without too much worry. They also report that regardless of their incredibly affordable price, these bags are made with excellent, strong stitching and appear as if they will easily stand the test of time.

Merax Sizes

Tuckable for Convenient Storage

Each piece fits inside of another (except, of course, the largest piece) like traditional Russian dolls. As someone who once owned a set that was not capable of such incredible storage, I know how important this feature is. Just try storing something this large in a small apartment without being able to fit the pieces inside each other – I had pieces underneath my bed, in my closet, and even hiding in a cupboard in my kitchen.

To stack these one inside another, start by folding the duffel bags and tucking them inside the smallest suitcase. Then just place the small case inside the mid-sized case, which will then go inside the large case. Zip it all up, and slide it into a closet. Just like that.

Pretty Impressive For Something Not Listed On Their Website

I mean, really – with the reviews this set has received on Amazon I would have expected that Merax would have been bragging about it on their website. Still, despite not being able to find much information about the set prior to purchase, a lot of people went ahead and bought it. What’s more, many of those people were pretty darn happy with their purchases.

Want to make yourself that happy with a very budget-friendly 5-piece set? Fly over to Amazon now and check ’em out.

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